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Below you will find everything you need to know about the ceremony, reception, accomodation, travel, and additional wedding-related events. We will add more details as we get closer to the date, and please let us know if we've missed anything. 
Thank you for being so special to us! 
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How We Met

Three years ago, Hannah turned up to a Happn coffee date to meet some guy who a friend swiped on while she lounged on the beach, uninterested. That guy's name was Jeremy, and he had been pretty quick to suggest they meet. After some online sleuthing uncovered his career background, Hannah had thought what the heck - at the very least she might just gain a client on this date lol 

Boy did she have that one wrong! 

Over two hours of conversation later, Hannah discovered it was actually Jeremy’s birthday, and that she was now invited to date number 2 on that very same day to meet the entire family over birthday drinks. 

 No biggie! 

Now that Hannah knows Jeremy well, she knows that positive risk taking like that is super on-brand for him. And how very, very lucky for both of them. Hannah & Jeremy met at just the right time. Hannah was only willing to accept the utmost of respect and love, while Jeremy had been looking for the future mother of his children. Jeremy immediately set about pursuing Hannah in a kind, considerate, respectful, consent-seeking, and also lighthearted and fun way. He was completely upfront with his desire to be “all in” and Hannah never had to question his feelings or intentions. 
It was the type of safe love that allowed Hannah to fall in love just as deeply, and this deeply unambiguous love continues to this day. 
One plague and one little human later, and Hannah & Jeremy are ready to finally make it official!
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Our second first date!

The Proposal

With Jeremy's birthday doubling as the anniversary of H&J meeting, he decided that Hannah's birthday should take on a new meaning too.
Several thousand rose petals and tea light candles on a romantic beach in Thailand later, there was a resounding "yes" from Hannah on 1 November 2019.
Luckily the happy couple snuck in an engagement party right before the plague hit!
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The most special night <3

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Sharing the happy news!

Wedding Party

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Bodhi Liddle

Jeremy couldn't think of a better boy to fill this  important role than his new best buddy, baby Bodhi. We met our little man in an operating theatre a year and a half ago (by the time of the wedding), screaming and naked, and it was love at first sight. He is still often screaming and naked, and we are still very much in love. We are confident he will do the best job ever.
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Indi Kaye

Indi has been a dear friend and cuddle buddy to Hannah since she was three years old. She now counts Jeremy as one of her fave's as well. We've had lots of fun together with dozens of sleepovers, beach days, cheese plates, and impromptu dance parties over many years. We expect to see Indi tearing it up on the dance floor later in the evening!
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Imogen Shaw

Imogen is Hannah's niece, daughter of Hannah's sister Claire and husband Victor. She is happiest when she is opening Christmas presents, and really enjoys science at school. Imogen is most excited about attending the floatie party the day after the wedding!
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Waverley Ozinga

Waverley is Jeremy's niece, daughter of Jeremy's step brother and tonight's Master of Beards, Tristan, and his wife Bryanna. Waverley is a champion cartwheeler, makeup artist, and expert deliverer of sass. We almost hired her to do the makeup for the entire bridal party, but decided she'd probably prefer the extra pool time instead.
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Neave O'Hara

Neave is one of "Ham & Jermy's" favourite little holiday buddies, equally as comfortable on the ski slopes as she is in a swimming pool. Hannah and Neave learnt to ski on the same holiday, but only one of them had panic attacks during the experience! Neave's favourite colour is pink and her favourite hobby is painting. She is most looking forward to seeing Ham & Jermy have a big smooch and get married, then head straight to the pool!
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Tristan Ozinga

This finely-bearded young gentleman is our Master of Beards, Tristan - stepbrother to Jeremy, father of Bridesgirl #2 (Waverley) and sons Tavish Jasper and Jyrah, and husband to Bryanna. 
Tristan will be MC-ing the big event, and we expect to laugh and cry in equal measures (at him not with him, according to Jeremy!).
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Shannon Hsu

Shannon has been a dear friend of Hannah’s since they were flatmates living across the road from the nightclub Hannah used to run, where Shannon tore it up each week. These days they are more likely to be found discussing Shannon’s latest business or charitable venture than shouting each other tequila shots (although - porque no los dos? Haha) Shannon is one of the warmest and most inspiring humans Hannah knows, and Jeremy now loves her just as much too. You will not be able to avoid noticing her incredible moves on the dance floor!!!


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Sunset Drinks & Canapes

4:00 - 10.00pm

The night before the wedding we'd love to spend an evening with everyone. This event will allow you to have a bit of extra fun and get to know the other guests before the big day!
There will be a bus transfer from out the front of the Pullman Sea Temple Hotel at 3.30pm on the dot. Otherwise, guests can just organise an Uber to get there, and also make their own way home.

Bluewater Trinity Beach

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Please join us as we finally tie the knot after almost two years of being engaged!
The timing in the Chapel is super strict, so please try to arrive 15 minutes early.

Alamanda Great Barrier Reef Chapel

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Post-ceremony photos & drinks


Cheers the new bride and groom with a celebratory drink following the ceremony!
Group photos will first happen outside the Alamanda Chapel immediately following the ceremony from 4.40-4.50pm. 
Everyone can then casually make their way 700m up the road to La Mesa deck, which is the beachfront end of Peppers Hotel where the reception will be held.

Peppers La Mesa

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Guests will be ushered into Peppers Hotel and be seated around the stunning pool. Dinner will involve feasting plates set out on the tables, while children under 12 years will have their own table and be given individual meals.

Peppers Beach Club & Spa

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After party

10:00pm - 1.00am

For those who don't want the night to end, we will head next door for drinks and dancing following the reception.

Rattle N' Hum Bar & Grill

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Pool floaty recovery party


The formalities are done and we are now hitched, so it must be time to keep celebrating! Free recovery cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided from 11.00am-12.30pm, then can be purchased from the pool bar following this time. BYO floaty - the bigger and brighter, the better!

Peppers Beach Club & Spa

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Make a holiday of it! There are plenty of tours that depart from Palm Cove: snorkelling, kayaking, Great Barrier Reef, Daintree, crocodile spotting, fishing, jet skiing, butterflies, helicopters, and more.



Peppers Beach Club & Spa

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We recommend Peppers for your accommodation. This is where the reception on the 16th will take place, and you will need to be staying here on the night of the 16th or 17th if you wish to attend the pool floaty party on the 17th (hotel rules). This is where Hannah and Jeremy will be staying on those dates.
Wedding guests will also receive a 15% discount and are not subject to the usual 3-day minimum. When you book your room, please contact palmcove.eventsmgr@peppers.com.au or just ring (07) 4059 9200 to speak to the reservations team, and make sure you mention you are a wedding guest of ours.

Pullman Sea Temple Resort

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The Sea Temple is absolutely stunning, with a lagoon-style pool, kiddies pool, and absolutely top-notch restaurant with a degustation and matched wines.
This is where Hannah, Jeremy, and Bodhi will be staying from the 13th to 16th, in case you'd like to hang out with us in the pool 😁🥳
It is a short walk to and from the wedding ceremony, and they are also offering a discount package for our guests.
Please call the reservations team on (07) 4059 9600 to book or email H8761@accor.com .

Mantra Palm Cove

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The Mantra is a slightly cheaper option, while still being luxurious with a tropical lagoon pool and situated right in the middle of all the action.
Keep in mind there is a crocodile and jellyfish risk at the beach, so a pool is a must!